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Readings Available with TJ

Psychic Reading

A Psychic Reading looks at all aspects of your life and where you are on your life path. Changes in relationships, house moves, emotional disagreements, business decisions and life grief are all incidents that can knock your confidence in  the way you are living your life. 

TJ can read into this giving you direction and bring you peace of mind and clarity.

Medium Reading

In a Medium Reading TJ will connect you to your loved ones in the spirit world, bringing you evidence and memories of the time you spent together and how they can see your life now.

 A Reading can bring closure and comfort. To be reconnected to a loved one can you give you comfort in your grief, it cannot take grief away, as grieving is a natural part of life.


TJ offers both Psychic and Medium Readings on the Telephone. 

TJ's clients are worldwide and this allows her to connect wherever you are.

The telephone process works on the energy of your voice, distance is no object.


TJ offers both Psychic and Medium Readings over Skype. 

TJ's clients are worldwide and this allows her to connect to you wherever you are.

The Skype process works on the energy of your voice and aura. The beauty of Skype is it helps TJ to connect to people no matter where they are.

TJ's Angels


Telephone or Skype Readings with TJ's Angels

These readings are on the telephone or Skype only they are NOT in person.

Tasha : Psychic Straight Talk

Vikki : Tarot & Numerology

Donna : Psychic & Medium

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TJ's Readings

TJ has a wide variety of clients, having read for Celebrities and Royalty. However TJ is very private about that information and when asked in an interview with OK magazine to name her clients TJ promptly refused an answered... Grief and Pain do not discriminate. TJ's clients from all walks of life hold a special place in not just her heart but her soul. Always remembering people she has read for, not the information but the connection of souls.

Sarah, Bishops Stortford

I had the pleasure of a 121 with TJ in 2016 in Hertford. I was anxious and desperate to hear from my dad who has been gone 14 years. Through a super charged atmosphere we had a 3 way conversation as if he was sat with us and we laughed out loud. Very emotional but TJ gave him back to me for a short special time. My dad was on a roll and refused to leave, lol. 

After a couple of weeks of crying after that reading, I felt that I could finally start to live again. Amazing reading from an amazing and truly gifted lady xxx

Sue, Bedfordshire

I have had two face to face readings with TJ after the deaths of my parents. It was very comforting to reach them and know that they are at peace. TJ's reading of them was spot on, it was as if she knew them before they had passed. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs this Xxx

Joy and Graham, Louth

My husband and I had a joint reading with TJ, in July 2016. We were totally blown away by how accurate she was. TJ has a very calming, down to earth attitude and made us feel at ease straight away. Lots of unanswered questions were answered that day, by her. We really can't thank her enough and would highly recommend her.

Debbie and Stuart, Leicester

We lost our son 6 years ago this September. He went out one day and never came home, he was killed by a dangerous driver. The case never went to court so we never really knew what happened apart from lies from the driver. I saw TJ by accident at our local spiritualist church, she told me details about things that only me and my son knew and tis is how we first met. Since then TJ has over the period has given us, how he died, all about his life with us and his friends and sent a message of courage to his sister. One time TJ traveled over 100 miles for free to speak with his sister. I knew she was not in a good place and until this day I don't know what TJ said as it was private but I do believe she saved my daughter from a very dark place. More than anything TJ has shown us our son is with us daily by little things which give us no doubt.Things like he watches deadliest catch with his dad at 2am in the morning (not many do that) TJ told us of conversations me and my husband have (nice ones where we speak of Ben) I would go as far to say she has saved my family from drowning at times and has helped us see the light. TJ has shown us, love, kindness and endless support and offering my daughter contact as and when needed for free, she has a heart of gold. The best message was when she said "Why is he singing Michael Jackson's song about a rat?" I said because his name is Ben, even TJ was taken by surprise. I really can never thank you enough TJ Xx 

Jane, Staffordshire

I had a telephone reading with TJ she gave me the most personal messages ever from my husband who passed in 2016 she could NOT have known the information unless in contact with spirit, she gave me great comfort at my lowest ebb such a genuine, caring lady Xx