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Welcome to my Website

Hi and welcome to my website,

I just wanted to add a personal note to explain my work and really why I do what I do.

I am a natural born psychic medium, which means I have the ability to connect to not only your soul but the souls of those you love in the other world. I have had so many beautiful experiences reuniting people with their loved ones. Sometimes I meet people who are lost in their grief.

Grief is Love.

I have heard the advice that my clients are given to cope with Grief by I am sure well meaning loved ones, friends and counsellors. However Grief cannot be healed, Grief is the love we carry in our hearts and soul for the people we have loved and lost. Grief can be managed and certainly lived with but never goes away. Embrace you Pain and Embrace your Grief...That way you are acknowledging the Love you carry in you heart.


TJ Higgs

About TJ

TJ has worked alongside some of the UK's top male Mediums, bringing her own touch of Girl Power to the stage. TJ also starred alongside them in 'The Three Mediums' Living TV 'Colin Fry Live with TJ Higgs' Living TV and the successful 'Psychic Private Eyes' series CBS/Zone Reality which has led TJ to help many families with missing and murdered family members worldwide.

The late Colin Fry took TJ under his wing and out into the world, literally. TJ toured the UK and worldwide with Colin sharing the stage and many amazing memories.

TJ Has worked all over the world demonstrating Mediumship, Teaching and giving Private Sittings. TJ Has toured and worked in America, New Zealand, Norway, Ireland, Denmark and currently spends a lot of time working in Japan.

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